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The way you coach, teach and inform is visionary, unique, personalized and engaging. The way you deliver your wisdom should be as well.

Meet, a cloud based, interactive learning community and online course platform that is as forward thinking as you are. Teach, coach and transform your Learners in a way that is both automated and scalable but also personal, interactive and connected.

With you can create online courses & classes and live presentations that focus not only on content delivery, but also on coaching – the personalized interaction and connection between the Expert and the Learner. Your impact is optimized, your client relationships are more productive, and your business model is increasingly profitable. Sign up for a 1-on-1 live demo and see how your courses and clients can benefit from the power of evolutionary wisdom exchange™.

Deliver Dynamically *

Online Course

  • Pre-recorded video courses for evergreen delivery
  • Multiple time-release content options
  • Produce auto-generated course completion or certification certificates
  • Advanced Assessments with automated answer review
  • Resource Library

Online Class

  • Real-time virtual group classes
  • Live video feed inside the virtual classroom
  • Class recording saved for replay
  • Real-time exercises and assessments with Facilitator-accessed results overview
  • Learner-uploaded documents

1-on-1 Coaching

  • Automated delivery of your coaching materials in a process-driven organized platform
  • Private Coach/Learner communication threads
  • Logs and Journals to track progress, metrics and benchmarks
  • Employ status surveys & progress assessments

Live Presentation

  • Create & deliver slide shows inside platform
  • Audience follows live on their mobile devise
  • Real-time audience surveys
  • Automatic data compilation & display on slide presentation
  • Live links to immediate opt-ins or product sales

* All the features of can be mixed and matched for high-impact engaging, and evolutionary learning experiences, no matter how you deliver your wisdom.

These are the goods. This is what makes completely unparalleled.

Totally Unique. Just Like You. is the most customizable wisdom platform on the planet.

  • Customized branded url
  • White labeled to match your website or brand
  • Direct access to design programmer to customize the features and layout of your online classroom
  • Add on custom-designed functions to fit exactly the way you teach or coach


Our expert course designers build your custom platform and load all of your course content.

  • Take the learning curve and the frustration out of your course design and delivery
  • Our experts ensure that your course is delivered according to best practices and exacting standards.
  • A variety of Built-4-U Packages to serve your specific needs

Learner-Generated Manifesto

At the end of the course, your Learners can download their unique summary document of the work they have completed. A key selling point for your courses.

  • In each Lesson, give your Learner an Assessment in which they have to write their thoughts, goals, intentions, ideas, commitments, etc.
  • Create a Manifesto template with a cover page, custom graphics and text.
  • will automatically compile the Learner-generated responses from the Assessment into your Manifesto Template precisely as you desire.
  • A highly valuable commodity for your Learner: business plan, life vision treatise, personalized health plan, customized training regimen, etc

Scalable. Automated. Integrated.

Leverage the power of Infusionsoft, the world’s most robust information business management software.

  • API integration between and Infusionsoft.
  • Market and sell through Infusionsoft then grant immediate access to your online platform
  • Tag Learners at each course milestone, triggering Infusionsoft nurture or upsell campaigns
  • Work with our in-house Infusionsoft Certified Consultant to optimize your CRM, Marketing & Sales for your entire Wisdom Business.

Need Some Help Creating & Delivering Your Message?

Creating an online course can be just the tip of the iceberg in building your business as a coach, seminar leader or expert. There are lots of moving parts to building a scalable, automated business that has the horsepower to deliver your big message on a global platform. We recognize that it takes a skilled team to create greatness, so we created Wisdom Business Academy for visionaries like you, folks who want to get ‘er done. Wisdom Business Academy offers full service business consulting, development, and implementation services, in conjunction with the intelligent coach software, so that you can manifest and monetize your message.

Visit our team at WisdomBusiness.Academy to get started.

Wisdom Business Academy

When you select our “Premium” or “ packages, you will be working with our experts at Wisdom Business Academy to develop your content and much more.