Our Story

What happens when you put two of the best friends together who have the exact same passion – be a force for the evolution of humanity through exchanging true wisdom? intelligent.coach is born! Lucky break that one is a bad ass programmer and the other obsessed with all the creative formulas for designing and delivering powerful information. Of course you gotta mix in a whole bunch of experience, hard work and utter devotion to the mission. We get to live our passion! That makes us the perfect partners to help you realize your passion.

Chris Whitcoe

Chris Whitcoe

Founder & Chief Developer

Chris is all about getting big results delivered effectively and efficiently. His career as a Electrical Engineer working in top secret military projects, programming lasers and writing code for some of the most complex functions, shifted when he had a personal awakening to the importance of humans sharing their enlightenment in a big way. He leveraged his immense background in intelligent software design and applied it to the development of Intelligent Coach: Evolutionary Wisdom Exchange™. He is also the co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of Wisdom Business Academy. As an international speaker, coach and entrepreneur, he knows firsthand that making impact with your message is about the seamless blend of properly leveraged technology and living your authentic presence on a global platform.

Ivri Trner

Ivri Turner

Co-Founder & Project Manager

Ivri is a “Wisdompreneur-maker” who serves as Co-Founder of intelligent.coach and it’s parent organization, Wisdom Business Academy. She has had the privilege to create international platforms for Wisdompreneurs in both the non-profit and entrepreneurial sectors. She is a Certified High Performance Coach, Certified Infusionsoft Consultant/Partner, curriculum development specialist and business strategist. Her life from a young age has been deeply devoted to connecting with and sharing the wisdom within. Her journey has taken her around the globe as a seeker of truth, mediator, yogini, and student of life. As a speaker and Wisdompreneur herself, Ivri understands what it takes to rise to the challenge of living your big message with courage and clarity and creating an integrated platform to support your life’s work.